All active journeymen members who successfully complete a minimum of 8 hours and maximum of 16 hours of training, during 2016, will be paid that number of hours, at our base rate.  This does not include Retirees.


                        First Aid and CPR – Red Cross Certification is available.  $25 for eight hours will get you both      
                certifications.  Unemployed, apprentices, retirees, and spouses are FREE.  Call Marj and get signed up


WELDING – 4pm to 8pm

Regular night welding runs from 4 pm to 8 pm on Mondays, and Thursdays.   Cost is $50 for 40 hours.  The Downhill classes will be running continuously.  Send your money in so that you can get on the waiting list.   The cost is $75 and it takes 6 Saturdays, at 8 hours per day.



Industrial Rigging Certification and Signalman Certification: Take the back to back certification classes—Mondays and Thursdays from October 10 – November 11, 2016 for Rigging—November 14 – December 8, 2016 for Signalman – Cost $100 for both – Doug Leslie

Compressor Station Fundamentals: Review the unique qualifications needed to work “inside the fence” on the Compressor Station jobs—Wednesdays from October 12 – November 9, 2016 – Cost $25 – James Wilson


Orbital Welding: Hands-on training in fusion welding using robotics--Wednesdays from October 12 – November 9, 2019 – Cost $25 – Mike Wall

Tube Bending: For those interested in a solid class on the math and hands-on techniques of tube bending—Wednesdays from October 12 – November 9, 2016 – Cost $25 – Brandon Spaulding


Computer Aided Design: For those interested in a beginner’s class in CAD—Thursdays from October 13 – November 10, 2016 – Cost $25 – Ryan Stewart



SATURDAYS: Orbital Welding        Fusion $100 – 16 Hour                Filler Metal $200 – 40 Hour






Supermarket Refrigeration CPC-E2 Controllers-- The Training Center has a new wiring board with an E2 controller amd I/O boards donated by Kroger. This class will cover basic programing of controller and system components. Five nights, Jason Blouin.


Michigan Mechanical code-- Comply with code and Prep for mechanical License Exam. Mike Pitts, Five weeks.



CSD 1—Boiler inspection procedures as required by Michigan State Code.  Bubble test performed on Weil McLain Steam boiler with Webster Burner and Honeywell Flame Safeguard.  5 Nights – Cost $25 – Eric Larsen

Air flow measurement and Direct fired Make up Air-- Use of Digital manometer and phone App to calculate CFM easily. Also applied to make up Air unit. Five nights Perry Abbey.


Chiller Teardown—The Training Center accepted a donation of a complete Trane 320 Ton CVHE 3 stage Centrifugal Chiller. Hands on, Tear down class, Five Nights – Cost $25 – George Nevejans

CO2 Refrigeration-- Trans Critical and Secondary systems, Theory and operation, Five weeks, Larry Norville.



Shaft Alignment-- Use of Dial indicators to shim and align pump assemblies. Hands on class for B & G pump assemblies Five weeks, Larry Norville.

Linkage less Burners-- Siemens LMV 52 systems for burner control. Five weeks, Mike Pitts.



HVACR UA STAR Test Preparation—Four nights of prep


All 5 Week Journeymen Upgrading classes will be 16 hours.


Please Call Perry Abbey with any questions @ (248)585-0636



All active journeymen members who are certified in first aid (below), maintain their 18 MUST modules, and are current on their MUST drug test from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016 will be paid 12 hours, at their base rate.  This does not include Retirees.  If you are laid off, or your employer does not utilize MUST drug tests, call the Training Center   to get your drug test.  The Training Center will pay for your test and be reimbursed by the MCA.



Call Larry and discuss on-line opportunities for:

OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 – you will be reimbursed upon successful completion

First Aid and CPR – you will be reimbursed upon successful completion

MUST Modules – go to your SS# is your ID, password: first 4#

Associate Degree at Washtenaw Community College – at your own cost

Bachelor’s Degree at Ferris State University – at your own cost


 To register for ANY CLASSES you MUST send tuition by check, or money order to:

Pipefitting Industry Training Center

636 Executive Drive

Troy, MI 48083

Make checks payable to: P.I.E.T.F.  (or over the phone by credit or debit cards)@ 248-585-0636 

If you are laid off the classes are free, but we will need a copy of you unemployment or sub-pay check stub.  For more information call Larry Giroux (248)585-0636