Michigan's Prevailing Wage Action needed

Posted Date: Friday, June 19, 2015



Know What You Are Signing

Your Signature Is IMPORTANT!!


You should know that the petition you are being asked to sign will give politicians the ability to eliminate Michigan prevailing wage laws.  This means lower pay for construction workers.  Period.

Some circulators are lying to get signatures.  Make no mistake about it, this petition:

  • WILL NOT Raise the minimum wage.
  • WILL NOT Open the door for minority contractors.
  • WILL NOT Increase school funding ANYWHERE in the state.
  • WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT protect prevailing wage.


The truth of this issue is exactly the opposite of what they have told some potential signers.  A repeal of Michigan’s prevailing wage laws will open the floodgates to allow construction jobs to go to undocumented, unskilled workers. 

By signing this petition, you are agreeing to:

  • Lower the wages of construction workers.
  • Allow your tax dollars to be used to hire out-of-state, undocumented, unskilled workers take Michigan construction jobs.
  • Potentially Eliminate safety standards and drug testing for workers on public construction projects.

Decline To Sign Hotline – What Callers Can Expect

Hotline #  855-517-9437

The Decline to Sign Hotline is now operational.  The following is a brief synopsis of what it is and what callers should expect when they call.

In the absence of a live operator for the hotline, we have set this up to receive recordings of activity, which are turned into emails and sent to people who have the ability to respond.

This is what a caller experiences when they call the hotline number:

  • A 60 second recording that alerts the caller that they have reached the hotline.  The recording requests the caller to leave their name and contact information along with the date, time, location and number of petition circulators they witness. 
  • From there they are patched to “Google Voice” with a 5 second reminder to speak clearly and slowly – and then a prompt to record.
  • Within 20 minutes – Google Voice generates a talk to text email (the message translated to an e-mail) and sends it to a universe of email addresses.

The whole process takes 3 to 4 minutes from dial to hang up.  There will be some issues with the translation from recording to email – but the email that is generated includes a recording of the actual message and the phone number that the call was generated from.

Decline To Sign Hotline  855-517-9437


Don’t be fooled, and don’t sign these petitions.  The drive is being conducted by an out of state vendor.  Who knows what happens with your valuable information once you hand over your name, address and signature.

June 18, 2015


Dear Building Trades Member:

As you are aware, the ABC and Protecting Michigan Taxpayers are actively circulating petitions to repeal Michigan's prevailing wage law.

We don't have to tell you what this means to the construction industry.

To counter their efforts, we have created a "Decline to Sign" program to monitor activity and dispatch volunteers to hamper their signature gathering activities. We are not advocat ing confrontations, rather,our objective is to educate potential signers on what it is they are actually being asked to sign. We have already heard that circulators are misrepresenting the petition. They have told voters that the petition would increase the number of minority contractors or that it would increase the minimum wage.  Both of which are completely misleading.

It is important to use the Decline to Sign hotline. Please circulate this number widely among your members, staff, friends, family, at jobsites and to contractor s. The more eyes and ears we have in the field, the more success we will have in slowing them down.

If you have the ability to respond to reports in your area, please reply to this email with the email address you would like alerts sent. The email alerts will come from all over the  tate, you may be able to help with some or you may know someone who is able to assist. The key is to cast as wide a net as possible to watch for activity.

Please understand that the email address you provide will receive email alerts when the hotline is used. This email will contain the original message, the phone number the call came from and an email transcribed from the message.

Thank you for your help with this program.


Hotline # 855-517-9437


Sincerely, Patrick Devlin Zane Walker

Patrick "Shorty" Gleason






·               65






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