Prevailing Wage Talking Points

Posted Date: Friday, June 19, 2015



     * * Topline Message - Construction is a tough and dangerous job and prevailing wage provides a fair wage for workers like 1ne.  Prevailing wages help to attract     qualified workers who get the job done well.

     * * Prevailing wage laws give me fair wages so I can provide for my family.

     * * Construction jobs  can be hard work.  Our season is short and that 1neans I need to work enough for my family from March through October so we can live the entire year.  The job is hard, physical labor - so 1nost of us only can work until we are 50 or 55.


     * I work in extreme weather conditions like rain, wind - and in the spring in Michigan, sometimes snow - to get the job done right.


  • * I'm proud to be a part of the middle class and think prevailing wages make sure construction workers can buy a home, a car and be part of their community.


  • * Construction jobs are hazardous and experienced workers contribute to safe job sites. Through extensive training programs, I know how to stay safe on work sites.



District 023  Pat Somerville

District 024  Anthony Forlini

District 033  Ken Goike

District 036  Peter Lucido

District 038 Kathy Crawford

District 039  Klint Kesto

District 040  Michael McCFready

District 041  Martin Hawrylak

District 043  Jim Tedder

District 044 Jim Runestad

District 045 Michael Webber

District 05lJoseph Graves

District 062 John Bizon

District 063 David Maturen

District 065  Brett Roberts

District 071  Tom Barrett

District 078  Dave Pagel

District 081  Dan Lauwers

District 083 Paul Muxlow

District 085 Ben Glardon

District 087  Mike Callton

Disctric 101 Ray Franz

District 102 Phil Potvin

District 103 Bruce Rendon

District 104  Larry Inman

District 106 Peter Pettalia

District 108 Ed McBroom






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