Bylaw Changes Proposed by Members

Posted Date: Friday, April 21, 2017

"Specifically to change the number of members in good standing from the current (15) Fifteen or more to (10) Ten or order to make it more convenient for members to get involved who seek change."

"Any eligible Local 636 member in good standing who resides more than One Hundred (100) miles beyond the  locals voting place can be sent a ballot at least Fourteen (14) days prior to the actual voting date if requested, Also, any member who is reasonably physically unable to attend on voting day shall also be able to request by phone or in writing and receive a ballot Fourteen (14) days prior to the actual voting date...But must be returned by the voting day to be opened by the Election committee."


"All Donations, charitable or non charitable must go before the Executive Board for discussion and approval by simple majority..."

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